Wall Mount - for MagSafe - Open Box - Standard

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Wall Mount - for MagSafe - Open Box

    Designed to mount on any flat surface with the included 3M adhesive, this is the perfect mount for making magic in the kitchen, jamming out in the shower, or finishing a DIY project in the garage. Choose between our standard mount or the new adjustable option with a 23º rotatable ball head that allows you to place your phone at any angle or orientation. Compatible with or without a case, this mount includes our proprietary (M)Force magnet array which is even stronger than standard MagSafe accessories, giving you extra confidence your phone won’t fall off your wall.

    Open Box - This item was bought brand new by a previous customer and returned without being used. The product is blemish-free and includes all original accessories in the box. The product may be repackaged or in the original packaging. Because the item has been shipped to a customer and back, the external packaging is likely damaged.

    Packaging: original or repackaged.

    Warranty: 12 months

    Return Timeline: non-returnable

    Note: The displayed images are illustrations, the actual items may differ slightly.

    *Apple, iPhone, and MagSafe® are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

    SKU: U-107-020-M

    Tech Specs

    Standard Version Dimensions58mm x 58mm x 7mm
    CompatibilityAny flat surface an adhesive will stick to | Standard wood and drywall screws | Any iPhone 12 and 13 models | Any Moment Cases for MagSafe | Any Moment (M)Force Cases | Any official MagSafe phone cases


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