The Best Camera Backpacks for Photographers and Filmmakers

A super comprehensive roundup of the top camera backpacks for photographers and filmmakers from brands like Moment, Langly, WANDRD, Peak Design, and more.

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Our Top 8 Picks

We’re back with another bag review around camera backpacks explicitly made for photo and video creators. Many people have different needs for their creative and traveling lifestyles, so we needed to bring forth a diverse list of backpacks that fit the desires of every individual.

Some are stylish, some more functional — yet all must include excellent-quality materials, pockets for cameras and journals, and a ton of comfort (if extra straps are involved). Compiled from the team at Moment — below are our favorite bags that we have each tried, loved, and owned.

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1. DayChaser Camera Pack 35L

Best For: Creators who want an extremely durable pack that will keep up with extended travels.

The DayChaser backpack is the perfect blend of comfort and convenience for all your travel photography needs. Custom-designed to fit your body comfortably, no matter how full, the DayChaser provides unlimited opportunities to configure your storage space. With plenty of room for cameras, clothing, water bottles, and other essentials, you'll never be without the items you need while on the go. Years of travel photography experience have been packed into one ultimate carrying solution.

Rugged Finish

The 500D KODRA outer shell of this garment has been impregnated with a DWR finish, offering superior protection from water and moisture. A double-layered waterproof backing adds an extra layer of defense against the elements, while uncoated fabric construction and lightweight padding keep the item's overall weight to a minimum of just 5 lbs 2oz.


This camera bag features 16L of space and is fully padded to keep your gear safe and secure. It also has removable, padded dividers, so you can customize the interior to fit whatever you need to carry.

2. Everything Backpack 17L

Best For: Everyday remote workers and those wanting a simple backpack for light tech gear.

The backpack to work anywhere and travel everywhere. Whether spilling your morning coffee or getting caught in a rainstorm, the waterproof materials protect your gear. The interior organization was intuitively designed, so gear management was simple. Padded and breathable shoulder straps are comfortable for both women and men all day. A unique side access zip makes it fast to grab gear without unloading your pack. A bag that stands on its own is important, so we designed the base so the bag doesn't fall over when set down. You can pick the right bag for your frame in two sizes. Part work, part traveler… This is the minimal daypack we always wanted. Pair with the compatible camera inserts in 4L or 8L sizes for added comfort.

Super Organized

Multiple storage pockets.


Low profile padding for extra protection against drops.

Fast Side Access

Side access to the main compartment makes grabbing gear on the go quick and easy.

3. WANDRD’s PRVKE 31L Backpack

Best For: Those who carry a LOT of stuff, but need the proper compartments to do so.

This backpack system comes with every pocket and accessory you could ever ask for, including an instruction manual. After looking through the simple illustrations, you’ll be inspired to pack smarter (and amazed at how much fits in this compact yet durable backpack).

The minimalist style says streetwear, but the materials and technical design are straight from the backpacking Gods. Thankfully no lint or dog hair will stick to its outer shell, and the protective interior makes traveling with expensive cameras worry-free.

We didn’t think a bag could fit this much, look this good, or inspire us to carry all our gear to more places, but the WNDRD PRVKE 31 does just that. And with the included rainfly and camera cube, you're pretty much good to no matter the destination.

Added Features

It has thoughtful features like an elastic lens cap keeper and a hidden passport pocket. Compatible with Camera Cube Pro and the Mini Camera Cube .

Modular Interior

The configurable interior fits essential camera gear plus daily essentials, built to be moved around how you please.

The WANDRD PRVKE 31L bag in the hills of California.
The WANDRD PRVKE 31L bag in the hills of California.

4. Peak Design’s Everyday Backpack 20L

Best For: Coffee shop dates, daily commutes, carry-on luggage, road trips, and days in the city.

It’s the bag you can take everywhere you need to go, hence the name. Peak’s most iconic and award-winning pack for everyday carry is built for quick access, high-quality protection, and configurable organization. It features a sleek, clean profile, high-grade hardware for extra protection, and minimal straps. This second generation of Peak’s Everyday Pack boasts both stylistic and functionality updates from the feedback of original users of its first generation. Its 400D weatherproof exterior shell is also more sustainable than the previous model.

Best Top Latch System

It features a newly designed MagLatch, which makes quick top access easy. It has dual side compartments topped with waterproof zippers.


It's so thoughtfully designed and super intuitive to use—it's almost as if the backpack is reading your mind when you're trying to find a spot to store something.

5. Brevite’s Jumper Backpack

Best For: Minimal packers with a need for a classic silhouette design.

The Jumper Backpack is like a 90’s Jansport pack but for your camera. It has a simple, minimal style on the outside and the camera organizers you want on the inside. Just large enough to carry your laptop, daily essentials, a camera, and a lens... this is one of our favorite packs and has been for years. The top has room for a few shirts and your overnight essentials. The back stores your laptop with a waterproof zipper-enclosed sleeve. The bottom is a configurable camera cube to hold a DSLR, single lens, or drone. And both sides have zipper access to your camera gear, no matter which side you store it on. This is for you if you’re looking for a day pack that doesn’t look like a camera bag.

90's Style Design

Comes in a bunch of fun colorways with a sleek yet classic non-camera bag silhouette.


Modular interior to move around for your gear and daily essentials.

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Jumper Photo Backpack


The Jumper Backpack is simple, minimal vibe on the outside. Camera protection on the inside. Its minimal design on the outside is perfect for city exploration. While it’s organizational options on the...

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6. Long Weekend Santa Fe Shoulder Bag

Best For: Film photographers, creators with minimal camera setups, or anyone needing a shoulder bag for daily carry.

Inspired by long road trips and shooting film, this is the shoulder bag we’ve always wanted to make. With the perfect blend of size and organization, it’s designed to carry everything you need and nothing you don’t. The rugged 500d Recycled Nylon and technical grid stop are weatherproof and durable for all conditions. Always by your side, zip, cargo, and stretch pockets allow quick access to your small items. The adjustable strap allows you to dial in a perfect fit for either crossbody or shoulder carry. This one’s for the road-tripper in all of us.

Sexy Design

It's the best darn good-looking shoulder bag out there.

Perfect Pockets

Just the right amount of pockets for quick travel and tons of film rolls.

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Santa Fe Shoulder Bag - Moss

Long Weekend

Inspired by long road trips and shooting film, this is the shoulder bag we’ve always wanted to make. With the perfect blend of size and organization, it’s designed to carry everything you need and not...

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The Long Weekend shoulder bag worn cross-body in black.
The Long Weekend shoulder bag worn cross-body in black.

7. Shimoda Action X50 Backpack

Best For: Cinema-level filmmakers and photographers who need something that will last a lifetime, no matter where you are.

The Action X50 accommodates larger Cine, Digital Video, and DSLR camera kits. Its 50L volume carries a lot of gear and is supported by an extra-plush, supportive removable belt and adjustable shoulder strap system. Like all Action X series packs, it features an expandable roll-top that can quickly add 7 liters of volume to the bag. Two large side pockets are great for packing gimbals. The shoulder straps have two zipper sleeves for most phone sizes, accessories, and a water bottle. The X50 also makes a great camping bag for photographers chasing sunrises in remote locations.

Extra Large

This is the biggest bag on our list, making it the ideal choice for super-large gear hauls or filmmakers with drones and extra lenses.

Super Tough

Everyone deserves a super tough bag; if you're traveling on Safaris or long-winded hikes, this bag is a great choice.

8. McKinnon Camera Pack 35L

Best For: Serious photographers who like a techy exterior and many expandable sections.

The McKinnon Camera Pack 35L is an essential companion for any adventure. It accommodates camera equipment and clothing and features removable folding dividers, expandable sections, and external carry straps, offering versatile packing options to suit your needs.

I've found the McKinnon Camera Pack leans more toward photography than videography. As a videographer who typically works with two Sony bodies and several lenses, fitting all my gear into the backpack has been challenging. I packed a full shoot-worth of video essentials, including wireless mics, an external monitor, power supplies, batteries for various devices, and an audio recorder.

Despite its higher price tag, professionals highly regard the McKinnon Camera Pack. Since its debut, it has been a popular choice, appreciated for its quality and functionality.

Creator Made

Designed by Peter Mckinnon and the Nomatic team.

Quick Side-Access

Grab your gear quickly for those unpredictable shots.

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McKinnon Camera Pack - 35L


The McKinnon Camera Pack 35L is the perfect bag for every adventure. It allows you to pack camera gear and clothing in the same bag. The removable folding dividers, expansion, and external carry strap...

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9. Lanlgy Multi Globetrotter Camera Backpack

Best For: Long travel days, long shoot days in the field, and a great option for commutes or plane rides.

The Multi Globetrotter Camera Backpack is perfect for studio setups and fieldwork, catering to needs that include carrying a variety of lenses or multiple camera bodies.

Like all Langly bags, this backpack is built to last and designed with rugged durability in mind. It features padded and ventilated shoulder straps and robust chest and waist straps designed to reduce fatigue and comfortably manage the load. When you're preparing for your next big adventure and need to pack heavily, the Multi Globetrotter Camera Backpack is an excellent choice, offering 27 liters of capacity to handle all your essentials.

Designed for Travel

A good travel bag requires quick access, pockets, and weather-bending materials.


Sporting a classic rucksack exterior, it's perfect for stylish creators who dig a non-techy vibe.

Moment Everything Backpack with a 8L camera insert.
Moment Everything Backpack with a 8L camera insert.

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