The Best Laptop Bags for Digital Nomads

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Regarding the ideal laptop bag for remote work, we understand that size, compactness, and durability are vital considerations. As remote workers, we juggle a variety of essential creative tools — from cameras to laptops — and finding the right bag to accommodate these necessities is crucial.

In this article, we aim to guide you through the best options available, ensuring that if you're working from the mountains, seaside, clouds, or your local coffee shop, you'll have a reliable and tailored solution for your daily work essentials. Below are some personal recommendations that showcase a variety of various prices, styles, and materials.

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1. Moment Tech Tote

This is the perfect replacement for my Trader Joe's tote, accompanying me wherever I go. It's an ideal companion for those on-the-go moments, whether in the air or at your office desk. Key features include a zipper for added security during quick runs, and in case of slips, this low-profile padding provides extra cushioning against drops. The bag has numerous organized pockets designed for invisibility and ample storage capacity.

Inside, you'll find a padded laptop pocket capable of holding up to a 16" laptop or two iPad minis. Stay hydrated with two internal water bottle pockets, each accommodating up to 1L-sized bottles. Plus, no need to worry about spills – the bag is entirely waterproof with a double-layer coating. For tote enthusiasts, this tech-savvy tote is tote-ally fabulous. (Okay, I'll stop now.)

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Everything Tech Tote - Clay


The tote to work anywhere, travel everywhere. Part work bag, part traveler, this tote keeps it simple. It’s durable and water-resistant shell fabric keeps your gear protected and tote looking good. De...

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2. Long Weekend Santa Fe Shoulder Bag

While not technically a laptop bag, Long Weekend designed this for those who prefer a minimalist approach to work and packing. This one is dedicated to the 8" iPad mini enthusiasts who appreciate traveling light without needing a large bag. True to its name, it's a shoulder pack with adjustable straps to accommodate everyone, doubling as a crossbody or even a fanny pack.

Despite its compact size, it boasts numerous pockets, including exterior cargo and drawstring pockets for quick access to all your essentials: pens, pencils, AirPods, iPads, and a point-and-shoot camera. Additionally, it is waterproof and crafted from recycled nylon and ripstop materials. This bag is designed to carry only the essentials and nothing more.

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Santa Fe Shoulder Bag - Moss

Long Weekend

Inspired by long road trips and shooting film, this is the shoulder bag we’ve always wanted to make. With the perfect blend of size and organization, it’s designed to carry everything you need and not...

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3. Everything Backpack

Let's kick it up a notch.

Introducing the Everything Backpack for all the gear enthusiasts out there. Think of it as the Moment tech tote but in backpack form, featuring a two-layer water-resistant fabric, YKK AquaGuard zippers, a 1L water bottle pocket, and a dedicated laptop pocket. The laptop pocket can accommodate a 14" laptop with the 17L bag or a 16" laptop with the 21L backpack size.

This pack offers exceptional access with side and front entry points, perfect for capturing those spontaneous Moments (yes, pun intended). For the creative souls who are also pet parents or don't mind a bit of dirt for the perfect shot, Moment also developed a custom fabric that keeps away lint, pet hair, or soil. We've ensured this bag lives up to its name, providing everything you need for everyday adventures.

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4. Navigator Sling

For those who appreciate the sleek sling aesthetic and value a quick, hassle-free departure, Nomatic's sling bag is tailored just for you. This bag boasts a minimalist appearance suitable for corporate creatives who mean business. It features a convenient card slot for swift door entry and a discreetly concealed water bottle pocket.

With five storage compartments, including one designed for a 14" laptop and an 11" tablet, this sling can organize your essentials. The array includes mesh, zipper, and RFID-safe pockets for your valuables. The sling also facilitates efficient cord management between pockets, allowing you to charge your devices on the go. Tamper-proof zippers reinforce security, and the bag is water-resistant.

Concerned about the sling's stability during movement? Worry not, as a built-in stabilizer strap ensures both security and support.

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5. Sierra BackPack

Presenting the Sierra Backpack from Langly, a perfect fusion of style and simplicity that earns top marks from us. This backpack stands out for its vibrant colors, chic design, and remarkable versatility, all in a sleek and compact package.

Internally, it can accommodate up to 7 camera lenses and a body featuring a front-loading main compartment for effortless access. The built-in laptop sleeve is capable of holding an 18" laptop. Externally, there are three pockets — two side pockets and one front pocket. The backpack also boasts a full clamshell opening with an internal tech organizer.

The real dilemma is choosing between yellow, red, blue, or beige because this bag comes in multiple colors while retaining the same functionality. With a 24L capacity, it strikes the perfect balance in size and shape for capturing those ideal shots ahead.

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6. Peak Design Everyday Backpack Zip 15L

With its versatile design, this bag seamlessly transitions between everyday carry and light photo duties, making it a reliable companion for any occasion. This bag is a stripped-down, functionally simpler version of the acclaimed Everyday Backpack, offering a perfect balance of form and function. Including two configurable FlexFold dividers ensures that your photo equipment, drones, and everyday essentials remain organized and well-protected. No more rummaging through a jumbled mess – everything has its designated place, thanks to the thoughtful design.

Crafted from 100% recycled 400D weatherproof materials, the outer shell of the Everyday Lite ensures that your gear stays dry even during unexpected downpours. This weather-resistant feature adds a layer of reliability, allowing you to confidently venture out in various conditions without compromising the safety of your belongings. The thoughtful design choices, such as the configurable dividers and weatherproof materials, showcase Peak Design's commitment to practicality and user experience.

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