The Long Weekend Santa Fe Shoulder Bag Full Review (& Video!)

The best everyday bag for film photographers?

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I’ve owned the Long Weekend Santa Fe Shoulder Bag for 6 months now, and honestly, the thoughts I shared in my initial impressions video review still stand — this is one of my favorite bags I’ve ever used.

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Build Quality

The Santa Fe uses YKK zips and a recycled 500 denier nylon. The zippers feel fantastic, the fabric feels remarkably durable, and triple the bonus points for being recycled. I've noticed this fabric does attract quite a bit of fur, which stands out on the black colorway — so, if you have pets or just don't want to deal with added hair, I'd consider getting the cream color version. I've used this bag almost daily for the past 6 months, and the materials are in fantastic shape. No parts or fabrics have shown any signs of failure.

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Santa Fe Shoulder Bag - Moss

Long Weekend

Inspired by long road trips and shooting film, this is the shoulder bag we’ve always wanted to make. With the perfect blend of size and organization, it’s designed to carry everything you need and not...

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The front bucket pockets are my favorite part of this bag. It's super manageable to dump stuff in each and go without worrying about anything falling out. Funny enough, they remind me of pockets on a chore coat, my favorite style of jacket, so this intentional design decision is a true standout. I also appreciate that the minimal main compartment includes one zip pocket to provide organization built into the bag without forcing the user to use internal dividers. With this pack being 3 liters, you can stack (6) 120 boxes of Portra here. So, roughly $10,000 worth of film.

Pssssst… need some extra accessories to throw in your Santa Fe? Here are some of my favorites!

  1. Sekonic Light Meter
  2. Long Weekend Film Bag (5 rolls)
  3. Peak Design Leash
  4. Moment Tele 58mm Lens
  5. Gold 200
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L-308X-U Flashmate Light Meter


The pocket-sized Sekonic L-308X-U FLASHMATE is the smallest and lightest digital light meter in the Sekonic line-up. Featuring dedicated modes for photography, cinematography and HD cinematography, pl...

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Film Pouch - 15 Rolls

Long Weekend

Still using ziploc bags to carry your film? This is our simple, reusable solution to keeping your rolls more organized. Available in 2 sizes, it has a center divider so you can separate fresh rolls fr...

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There's no denying the striking look of this pack. I decided on the black colorway, which stands relatively neutral with a pop of texture on the front ripstop pocket. And if you’re feeling more colorful, the cream colorway is sure to hit the mark, sporting beautiful red, blue, and yellow accents throughout. It has an effortless elegance that will naturally attract a wide variety of people looking for a shoulder bag. It also holds a fun 90's vibe, if that's your thing - come on, why would it not be?

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What We Rate

  • Accessibility
    • Fish for it.
    • Put it down to access.
    • Pause to access.
    • Access on the go.

  • Adjustable Fit
    • Fixed Length
    • Length adjustments
    • Length and Body
    • All Plus compression

  • Capacity
    • < 1 Day
    • 1 Day
    • 3 Day
    • > 5 Day

  • Comfort
    • For a few minutes
    • A few hours
    • Most of the day
    • All day

  • Organization
    • Single Pocket
    • Some compartments
    • Lots of compartments
    • Custom Configurations

  • Travelability
    • Light travel
    • Urban travel
    • Everywhere travel
    • Rugged travel

  • Waterproof
    • Stay away
    • Light rain
    • Rain storm
    • Like a dry bag

  • Weight
    • Ultra Light
    • Light
    • Average
    • Heavy

Things That Could Improve

I'll be candid - it's difficult to critique this bag without sounding extremely nitpicky. Willem, Allison, and the team at Moment did a phenomenal job building and testing all of Long Weekend's gear, which shows in the final product. However, I've had a few ideas on potential improvements in the last 6 months of using this bag on a daily basis. Here's what I'd love to see iterated in future Long Weekend products:

  1. Fabric that doesn't attract as much hair, animal, etc.
  2. Buckles that articulate so the straps contour to your body better.
  3. Larger zipper pulls for more effortless opening and closing.
  4. Weather-resistant fabrics for more peace of mind in everyday scenarios.
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So, who is this bag for?

Short answer: everyone! Although the Santa Fe Shoulder Bag has design nods and features geared towards photographers, this bag can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere. I've loaded this bag up with just my phone, wallet, and sour patch kids — no camera gear in sight, and it suffices perfectly.

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Jokes aside, this is one of my favorite bags I've ever used. In my opinion, the best products are the ones that are designed to work with you, not against you. They get out of your way and allow you to do exactly what you need. The Long Weekend Santa Fe does just that - it not only enables but encourages me to get out, make images, and enjoy the process of photography. And as a bonus, I also get to look pretty cool while doing it.

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