Adjustable Camera Neck Strap - Creme-Multi

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Adjustable Camera Neck Strap

    Willem and Allison have used lots of straps with lots of cameras, and they wanted to make a better one. Designed to be strong yet comfortable, this strap will carry even the heaviest film cameras. Whether you wear it around the neck or crossbody, the ripstop material is comfier than webbing and less sweaty than leather. And very durable. With reinforced stitching and technical materials, it can handle whatever you throw at it. They’ve also fine-tuned the materials so the adjusters don’t slip and your setup stays tight, yet it’s still easy to adjust when you want. From medium format to mirrorless, rangefinders, and beyond… this strap can handle it all. Load up a fresh roll and have yourself a looong weekend.

    SKU: 213-012

    Tech Specs

    Strap Length26” to 51" (660.4 - 1295.4mm)
    Weight Capacity10lb (4.5kg)
    MaterialsRecycled nylon and ripstop