X100VI APS-C Digital Rangefinder Camera - Silver

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X100VI APS-C Digital Rangefinder Camera

    The Fujifilm X100VI is a game-changer in the world of mirrorless cameras, boasting a travel friendly body with the high quality optics Fujifilm is known for. X100VI surpasses its predecessor, the X100V, by offering a 40MP X-TRANS sensor that doubles the processing speed. Its fixed 23mm F2.0 lens excels in capturing everything from dynamic street scenes and casual everyday moments to expansive landscapes. The X100VI brings a sense of nostalgia with its classic, dial-based design that harks back to the golden era of film photography, appealing to both analog enthusiasts and modern shooters alike. 

    This camera doesn't just cater to photographers either, it goes above and beyond with video enhancements such as up to 6-stops of image stabilization, a 4-stop internal ND filter, and stunning 6.2k 29p 10-bit video capabilities.

    It’s the camera we’ve all been waiting for.

    **Shipping Status - 6/10 at 9 am PST - We have no current estimate on when new orders would be shipped. The X100VI is the most pre-ordered camera of all time, creating extreme wait times right now across every camera shop. So far we’ve received about nine small shipments from Fujifilm, the majority of customers who have pre-ordered since the release on 2.20.24 are still waiting for their cameras. The pre-order list goes in the order of which they were received and we work closely with Fujifilm to get as much allocation as we can from them every week, but the demand still heavily outweighs the supply they’re able to produce at this time. We’ll continue to release email updates to our pre-order list and on this page as Fujifilm provides us more info.

    Why We Take Back-Orders

    For back-orders we charge the card on file at the time of purchase for all new products. We’re a small camera store, so collecting payment for back-orders ensure we order the quantity customers actually want. Canceling your order for a 100% refund is always available. 

    SKU: 16821822

    The Most Anticipated Camera...ever

    Fujifilm X100VI (X-100-Six) is the newest successor to one of the best selling cameras of all time. Bringing all of Fujifilm’s newest technology like 40.2mp photos, 6.2k/30p video, up to 6 stops of internal stabilization, and so much more in the same body size that is perfect for any adventure.

    Photos shot on X100VI

    Top Camera Features

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    This thing packs an unreal 40MP sensor that's all about getting those crisp, detailed shots. You'll have no trouble cropping and still getting super sharp images.

    Pre-Order for a FREE Ultimate Course

    Go from beginner to pro with your X100VI with the Ultimate Course. Usually $99, but if you pre-order your X100VI on Moment you’ll get the course added to your account for free.

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